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October 4, 2015, Radio Indie International Lounge Network was born directly from the original project and from which he has inherited experience and consents. The need to create a new segment within classical weekly programming, and only the result of a careful and accurate evaluation in terms of opportunities and strategically viable choice, but also the need to diversify and adapt to those that are the needs of the listeners. This music segment is fully managed including musical selections, directly from Radio Indie International Lounge Network, genre Lounge, Chillout, Ambient and for which the choice for managing this biweekly segment has been compelled.
Every Wednesday,12:00 pm EST , 6 pm UTC/GMT! Also Join Us Every Saturday Beginning 6 pm EST 12:am UTC/GMT. 
Radio Indie International Lounge Network selects for its listeners only the best and latest hits of this genre, delivering to the listener moments of great relaxation and profound physical and mental wellbeing.

                   Marconi Union a new generation of Deep Ambient Music
                                                   MARCONI UNION nOW ON RADIO INDIE INTERNATIONAL LOUNGE NETWORK                                           
A group of sound therapists and an English band, Marconi Union, have created a eight-minute "Weightless" song, which scientists claim to be the most relaxing in human history. Weightless is a beautiful arrangement of harmonies, rhythms and bass lines, apparently so relaxing, that it is advised not to listen to it while driving. The music track is so relaxing to help your heart rate slow down, calm your breathing, reduce your blood pressure and even lower your stress levels.
To test the effectiveness of this song, a study was conducted on 40 women who were linked to sensors and who have been given riddles to solve in a limited time to induce a level of stress. The scholars then played several songs and recorded the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and cerebral activity of women. Weightless was 11% more effective in calming it than any other song, and also drowsiness among many women in the lab. The song resulted in a 65% reduction in general anxiety and calmed them 35% more than their normal resting levels. The song turned out to be more relaxing than a massage, a walk or even a cup of tea. Lyz Cooper, founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy, said that this "perfect relaxing song" uses many musical principles that have been individually indicated to have a soothing effect. The song is backed by a rhythm at 60 beats per minute, which slows gradually up to 50 beats per minute. While listening to the song, the brainwaves and heartbeat gradually, synchronize with the song, in a process known as 'dragging'. As the song slows down, it also slows down the heartbeat, leading to lowering blood pressure.
The song does not have repeating melodies, which would induce the brain to turn off completely, since it should not try to predict what comes next. The random bells, during the song, help to induce a deeper sense of relaxation, while in the end, the low silence sounds and murmurs, resembling Buddhist songs, lead the listener into a state similar to the trance. Dr David Lewis, stress analyst, said that this song has led to maximum relaxation, among all the music that has been tested so far. For centuries, music has been used to help people relax and improve their well-being. Brain imaging studies reveal that music works at a profound level, stimulating not only the parties responsible for data processing, but also those related to emotions. 

                                                     Weightless - Marconi Union

You can listen to this song on Radio Indie International Lounge Network Every Wednesday,12:00 pm EST and at 6 pm UTC/GMT! Also Join Us Every Saturday Beginning at 6 pm EST 
12:am UTC/GMT.


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